3 Benefits You Don’t Know About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has become an increasingly popular method to alleviate stress and pain that comes with day-to-day work. Whether you have tight and sore muscles from sitting in your office cubical or sports injuries that prevent you from performing your best, a registered massage therapist (RMT) can utilize different massage techniques to help you regain your flexibility. But do you know massages do more relieve muscle pain?

Here are 3 benefits that you might not know about massage therapy:

1. Improving Sleep Quality and Duration

We all know that high-quality sleep is essential when it comes to our wellbeing. The lack of sleep is often associated with diabetes, obesity, depression and cardiovascular diseases. Do you know massage therapy can help you improve your sleep quality and duration? According to the National Institute of Health, massage therapy can effectively “reduce fatigue and improve sleep,” both in length and quality. Research indicates that massage therapy could also benefit those who suffer chronic insomnia, including infants, children and the elderly.

2. Beneficial to One’s Mental Wellness

Feeling stressed? Research findings have affirmed that massage therapy can contribute to one’s mental wellbeing. American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) has pointed out that massage therapy can assist in reducing symptoms from anxiety and depression. For working professionals, massage therapy can also be an effective approach to stress relief. Trigger point therapy has been proven to significantly lower heart rate and blood pressure. The next time you are feeling antsy, give massage therapy a go!

3. Newborns and Children

Massage therapy can even benefit your little ones! Massage therapy can strengthen pre-term newborn’s immune systems as well as help with weight gain. In addition, performing massages on infants can also strengthen physical bonds and emotional trust with their parents. If your children has digestive issues such as food intolerance or gastroenteritis, massage therapy can be a gentle way to relieve discomfort.

Massage therapy can benefit people coming from different backgrounds with various health issues. If you would like to experience the benefit of massage therapy, consider incorporating it into your wellness routine and consult a professional RMT that best suits your needs.