Pre and Post Natal Massage

As a pregnancy evolves, changes in posture and added weight can cause discomfort and pain for the mother, leading to chronic fatigue and trouble sleeping. Lack of sleep can negatively affect the mother’s immune system, sometimes even disrupting the baby’s development. Muscle tension and joint pain can progressively worsen toward the later stages of pregnancy as the pelvis shifts and the lumbar curve becomes more pronounced. Swelling and fluid retention can also cause discomfort.

Massage therapy can help by alleviating back pain, neck pain, sciatica, joint pain, and shoulder tension due to muscle tension, fluid retention or swelling. Seeing a massage therapist regularly can help facilitate release and relaxation. This in turn gives the mother better ability to rest.

Massage therapy can also be helpful after the baby’s arrival, as it can speed up the recovery process and provide relief from the challenges of early motherhood. Breast-feeding can be particularly challenging for many new moms. Women often experience neck and shoulder pain from cradling their infant, which can interfere with feedings and rest. Massage therapy can both relieve that tension and improve circulation. Milk production can also be improved through massage therapy as massage increases prolactin levels (a lactation hormone), stimulates relaxation in the chest muscles, and opens the shoulders.

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