Deep Tissue Massage

When performing deep tissue massage, the therapist uses special techniques to target muscles below the superficial muscles, usually in a specific area. Deep tissue massage targets adhesions – bands of painful, rigid tissue, usually found in muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Adhesions generally form as a result of injury or tension due to poor posture, stress, or illness and can lead to poor blood flow to the area as well as limitation of movement. The purpose of deep tissue massage is to release the muscle fibers that have become “stuck,” in order to remove toxins and to encourage blood to circulate again, thus reducing pain.

Deep Tissue Massage has many benefits, including:

  • Increasing the range of motion (ROM) in joints
  • Relieving muscle spasm and tension
  • Improving blood flow to muscles
  • Breaking down and reducing adhesions
  • Improving the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to muscles
  • Loosening the muscle connective tissue (fascia)
  • Potentially improving postural faults
  • Reducing stress on other muscle groups which may have been overcompensating

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